As the name suggests, PeeBuddy is that festival best friend you’ve missed for too long. Making bladder relieving easy for women worldwide, PeeBuddy allows women to pee, standing up.

Coming in disposable sets, each PeeBuddy device is a cone-resembling object that can be placed under the flow area, enabling women to stand and pee in various precarious situations. The device is then disposable. Its efficiency has led to its use by forward thinking large events in India like Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and TCS Bangalore Marathon.

Ladies! Here are seven important reasons why PeeBuddy can make your music festival experience a far less taxing one.



1. Getting there

Festival hopping in and around the world takes time, effort and a whole lot of road tripping. Whether you’re travelling to a Burning Man, Lollapalooza or Ragasthan Pee Buddy can come in handy at times, when you’re in the middle of nowhere and aren’t in the mood of getting a Poison Ivy infection. Ladies, you know what i’m talking about.


2. At the festival, ditch those filthy portaloos

Portaloos at festival by their natures are 99.9% always FILTHY. Save yourself from a thousand infections by using PeeBuddy to relieve yourself, just so no part of your body comes in contact with any unclean surface. No more nightmares about icky UTIs!



3. The best part? You don’t have to undress to use it

Worry not about what you choose to wear to a festival, whether its a skirt, a dress, shorts or a pair of jeans. The best thing about PeeBuddy is that you don’t have to full undress to use it. So FUSS free!



4. Easy to carry and disposable

Made of paper and quite compact, a pack of PeeBuddy will easily fit in your handbag and should be disposed off after every use.

How it works


5. It’s cheap

Apart from being portable, light and easy to use, the product does not burn a whole in your pocket. You can shop for PeeBuddy online or at any of these outlets and get yourself a pack of 10 for just 200 bucks.



6. Cuts out the mess

As a product that requires you to just stand and place the apparatus in the correct position and pee, you’d be surprised how easy and non-messy it is to use, especially if the portaloo your using is out of water and toilet paper (which is quite likely).

Pee Buddy Product Shot 1


7. A product quite ideal for pregnant and injured women, too

The product comes well recommended for women with knee problems and even pregnant women who find it difficult to bend or sit.