While many forms of gaming have enjoyed success across the last few years, the battle royale genre has arguably proven itself to be the most popular of all.

The likes of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) have become a key part of popular culture and new data has now highlighted just how well the mobile version of the latter has been performing in recent months.

Lifetime revenue boost

At the start of July, Sensor Tower revealed how its latest estimates suggested that PUBG Mobile has managed to double its lifetime revenue in around seven months to reach a figure of more than $3 billion.

The organization came to the conclusion after combining global revenues for PUBG Mobile with player spending on Game for Peace, the Chinese version of the title. Sensor Tower added that global spending on the game across the first six months of 2020 was around four times higher than the revenues achieved by Garena Free Fire.

In terms of the countries responsible for PUBG Mobile’s revenues, the data found that $1.6 billion of lifetime player spending – or 52 percent of the total figure – came from China’s App Store. The US came second with 14 percent, while Japan completed the top three with just over five percent.

A dominant force

While the figures undoubtedly put an eye-opening spotlight on the impact that PUBG Mobile is having across the globe, they also further indicate how mobile gaming has become an incredibly dominant force in the last few years. PUBG is far from the only strong performer too, as Sensor Tower has also recently released data related to how well the likes of Roblox Mobile and Pokemon Go have been doing.

Mobile is continuing to have a big influence on online casino gaming as well, with a study published by Reportlinker.com in April predicting that the global online gambling market will grow from a value of $53,686.56 million in 2019 to $95,023.13 million by 2025. It added that mobile is expected to play a big role in that growth. Meanwhile, a casino review site explains how the concept is “the next big thing”, with the availability of online pokies on smartphone and tablet offering a huge level of convenience.

Simpler puzzle-based games have also enjoyed vast success on mobile, with perhaps the most notable being Candy Crush Saga. According to The Guardian, an executive from the company behind the title revealed last year that around nine million people play the game for three hours or more a day.

Fascinating trends

All in all, it is clear that mobile gaming has grown to have a major influence on many people’s lives in the last few years.

While PUBG Mobile is leading the way as a strong performer in the area, plenty of other titles are also doing extremely well. It will be fascinating to see how the mobile trend develops and whether new games may rise to the top of that world in the near future.