PS5 production is planned to be ramped up by Sony, as per Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan. The Japanese gaming giant also plans to broaden its PC and mobile games portfolio.

During an investor briefing; Ryan said that Sony plans to reach production levels that the company has “never achieved before”. The PS5 was released in November 2020; but has only been available in blink-and-miss restocks; which got sold out in a matter of seconds on several occasions in India.

The primary reason for the shortage of consoles has been attributed to the global chip shortage; which affected the overall electronics industry in 2021. Now that the supply chain snarls are getting resolved slowly; Ryan believes that the PS5 will overtake PS4’s install base in the coming year, as reported by Reuters.

Sony has forecast sales of 18 million PS5 units in the ongoing financial year, compared to 11.5 million a year earlier.

“We’re planning for heavy further increases in console production, taking us to production levels that we’ve never achieved before,” Ryan said at the briefing. While the recent COVID-19 lockdowns continue to add to supply chain woes, Ryan said that “things are definitely improving.”

Ryan also said that the company will offer more PC and mobile titles in addition to live service games. This year, PS4 and PS5 games are expected to make up over two-thirds of releases. However, in 2025, PC and mobile releases will make up nearly half of new games. Ryan said, “The initiatives to broaden our audience… will have a fundamental effect on the shape of our game portfolio.”