Ever so often, some people remind us what true dedication and commitment means.

In this case, it’s none other than the ‘Queen B’ Beyonce, who’s defying all odds to keep her live show commitments, in spite of being pregnant. Few days ago, the star amazed everyone with her sensational performance at the 59th Annual Grammy awards; her first since she became pregnant. The award winning singer had everybody at the edge of their seat when she attempted a brave stunt, in her condition, and pulling it off like a pro! Check it out below:

Now, the star seems to have no plans of stopping as she is completely focused on her live performance at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, according to Us Weekly. She’s “currently in rehearsals for Coachella,” a source reveals.

The singer was confirmed as a headliner, last month, along with Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar. However, on February 1st, she revealed that she and her husband, Jay Z, were expecting twins, leaving fans wondering as to whether she would still perform at the festival.

“She is planning on doing it as of now,” a second source tells Us, “but could also back out as we get closer.” Another source also reveals that Jay Z and DJ Khaled, might take over from her after the two nights.

What’s so great about the star’s commitment to performing is that, according to TMZ, she’ll still get paid even if she doesn’t perform! But here’s hoping that she does perform and kill it, like always.