This is not a drill, we promise!

At the 2013 MTV VMAs, we saw *NSYNC reuniting and it was probably one of  the best days of our lives. Well, it will not be the only one, that’s what we can confirm!

We can finally stop talking about *NSYNC in past tense. Apparently, they have plans for this year! According to an interview Lance Bass did with Entertainment Tonight, all of them will be together when they receive their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The date is not yet confirmed but rest assured it will be. We sure understand the struggle to finalize a date to get all five of them in the same room. How historical will that be?

That is not all. At some point this year, in the honor of the 20th anniversary of their 1998 album “Home For Christmas”, they will be releasing the album in vinyl. This is surely a collectible! Who wouldn’t buy it? All of the 90’s kids and die-hard fans must be hyperventilating right now.

I know, it’s not like we are getting a new album, but hey this is quite a big deal. We still don’t know if *NSYNC will be seen in the Britney Spears biopic. So, this is definitely something.