The Blazed & Glazed festival will be the mother-ship of Marijuana infused food.

With Marijuana gaining increasing acceptance and laws gradually easing on its medicinal and recreational usage, a lot of Weed related events are bound to spring up. Just recently Washington DC held the National Cannabis Festival in attempt to educate the general public about its properties and effects. Now taking it a step further, Washington DC is all set to host the first ever food festival for pot enthusiasts, dubbed Blazed & Glazed, on May 15.

Attendees will have the chance to discover how to cook with marijuana and learn how to make cannabutter, THC tincture + marijuana-infused munchies! They will also be treated to a savory doughnut sandwich by Astro Doughnuts and a beer from New Belgium Brewing all for only $42.


The festival has 5 different slots of one and a half hour each during which ticket holders will get to experience three pot-tastic classes. Matthew Doherty, co-creator of East Coast Grow and authoritative consultant to marijuana cultivators, will teach attendees “How to Make Cannabutter” and “The Art of THC Tinctures.” A third class will feature the event’s featured chefs as they take turns crafting their own high-end munchies (many of which will incorporate cannabis in some way).

Guests can also try out award winning food from the various vendors on-site as well as browse through the curated marketplace featuring Cannabis related products.