What in the world was the judge thinking?

Harry Webb committed a disgraceful act, and it’s only appalling that the British police could make such a decision. While drunk and high, Harry assaulted a barmaid in her sleep, and was put on a curfew. But now, that curfew has been lifted by a judge so that he doesn’t miss out on Glastonbury this year.


Harry Webb (Courtesy: Facebook)

The victim was rightfully angry with Judge Peter Blair’s decision. She had this to say to The Sun: “I don’t know what the judge was thinking of but clearly it wasn’t me. I am shocked that after all I’ve been through the court are so soft on him. I feel so let down.”

“What Harry Webb did has changed my life. But he’s just had a slap across the wrist and been allowed to live his life as normal. He’ll be swanning around at Glastonbury watching his favourite bands as if nothing has happened. It doesn’t make sense.”

It doesn’t make sense at all. Such leniency should not be tolerated at all costs, even if it’s an outing to Glastonbury with family. If you’ve committed a crime, you should pay the price.