Pokemon Unite was just released recently, and the Pokemon company has some explaining to do. The game looks great and possibly is one of the best MOBA releases of this year, but the Pokemon company has really gone the dark alley this time by making the game PAY-TO-WIN! In this article, we’ll show you why Pokemon Unite is pay-to-win and why Pokemon company should change it before it causes a lot of damage!

Pokemon Unite is pay-to-win!

The game is a MOBA developed by Tencent; yes the same Tencent was banned in India for privacy and security issues. The game targets young players with its simple and fun UI, so most of the downloads will come from kids who don’t understand how money works.

In the game, there are 5 classes; if you choose a class you can give them items to buff the Pokemon up. These items can be earned by playing the game and leveled up by playing the game. But this is where it gets shady. You’ll have to upgrade these items your Pokemon holds, and you can upgrade them using item enhancers. These enhancers can be bought in the store in exchange for tickets.

So what’s the problem here? Well, once you run out of tickets, you can’t buy in-game items, so you can get more tickets by spending Aeos Gems. This is where it becomes pay-to-win. These Aeos Gems are sold for real-life money. So by complicating the process, they are tricking young kids into buying Aeos gems.

But some might say I’ll grind my way to level up my items, but that’s not possible if someone is paying to win. Here’s the math –

To level up all three items, by buying gems, you’ll have to spend $145. And if you want to grind your way up to the max level, it’ll take 498 days! 498 days, completing all the events and earning tickets!

And those who pay will win because these items are broken; they increase the moving speed and power exponentially. The game’s still not that relevant, and we hope the Pokemon company does something about it!

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