The past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for us Pokemon fans. There have been so many rumors and leaks surrounding Sinnoh remakes and we finally got them. Not one though, Pokemon announced two new Sinnoh games!

Yes, two Sinnoh games, one of them is a remake and the other one a totally new game. Let’s get in, on the details!

Pokemon Legends Arceus and Gen 4 remakes

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus and Gen 4 remakes are officially coming. Arceus the benevolent God who has created the entire universe will be the focus of this game. The fact that it is an open-world game is enough to blow every Poke fan’s mind. The trailer shows two new characters roaming around in a new open-world region.

You can catch and battle pokemon in an open-world game. This is the next big step in the evolution of Pokemon games. The main lore of the story is still unknown but the story is set in medieval Japan!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny pearl

We had been speculating this game for more than a year now and we finally got them. The names seem a bit odd, but it’s a Japanese game we can bear it.

The art style of these remakes looks similar to the original just remastered, which is a good thing. The project isn’t being developed by Gamfreak but a different company. This will give Gamefreak more time to work on the next-gen games.

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon snap is also a new game announced, but it is not related to Sinnoh it’s a totally new game. The game focuses on exploring the world of Pokemon and taking pictures or snaps, hence the name, Pokemon Snap

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