The Nintendo Switch released in 2017, dominated the handheld and gaming market since its inception. But since then many new technologies have been introduced in the gaming space.

And with Nintendo’s direct rivals PS5 and Xbox X have been released now and now Nintendo will have to come up with something better. With many rumors surrounding Nintendo Switch Pro releasing this year, will we get it this year?

Is Nintendo Switch still worth it in 2021?

Nintendo Switch has never been a cutting-edge gaming console. It was a hybrid console and supported both console gaming and handheld gaming. Due to this, it has many limitations, but Nintendo made the console features better than ever.

So is it a good buy in 2021? It depends, if you are a hardcore Nintendo fan or not. Because all your beloved games are available in the switch store. It won’t support titles such as God of war or other AAA titles but it is still worth it. You can buy it for a price of $299 and the switch lite for $199.

Nintendo Switch Pro possible specs

Many rumors suggest the console will be able to support PS4 level titles, which is a big step forward. The switch pro will have a better-LED screen for handheld mode and also increased battery life. The console will be the best that the Nintendo company has to offer.

The price point might be $399 on release. All this is leaked information so take all of this with a grain of salt. The console will house new titles such as Metroid Prime 4 and breath of the wild 2.

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