Three decades ago, no one would have believed you if you hinted that we would be having fully-fledged operators offering casino games online to players and being accessible from almost any smart device.

In fact, to the older generation of casino players, theirs is only an authentic casino experience if it serves expensive VIP drinks and is a connoisseur in luxury matters.

However, modern technology has spiraled the old school casino gambling culture into a more conservative and private affair with the introduction of online casino games.

What’s more alarming to traditional casino players is how the younger generation has embraced online gaming as a convenient casino culture. To them, it is far from that!

This begs the question most casino players encounter today, which option offers the best casino experience? Online casino games or traditional land-based casinos?

This article will divulge critical differences between these two rival factions and point out their advantages and disadvantages to the players.

However, for the sake of this article, online casinos refer to the experience offered by casino websites and mobile apps, while offline casino refers to land-based casinos.

Disclaimer! It should be noted that your choice largely depends on your budget, convenience, and preferences. Let’s go!

1.   Traveling requirements

Of course, before you start playing casino games, you have to get to the casino. So it’s a no-brainer why traveling requirements are our first consideration.

Perhaps an essential aspect of playing casino games online is that you don’t have to travel. You can access online casino games from any part of the globe, be it on a train, bus, at work during lunch break, or at home after dinner through your smartphone or PC devices.

On the other hand, brick-and-mortar casinos require you to travel to your favorite casino joint. Therefore, you have to incur travel, accommodation, and other logistics costs.

It also means that you are the mercies of weather conditions and geopolitical situations.

Land-based casinos are ideal for players looking for opportunities to spend more money and experience a real casino environment.

2.   Extra casino perks

Online casinos can only offer a gaming experience without physical in-person touch. This is the biggest disappointment of online casino games. Although now you can find live casinos to play with real dealers. Also you can interact with VR games.

Conversely, offline casinos offer much more than gaming. You can spend hours exploring a buffet of extra-curricular activities in a modern casino without playing a single game. Here are some perks that you may get in a physical casino;

  • Car shows
  • Restaurants
  • Sight-seeing
  • Strip clubs
  • Shopping stalls
  • Performance shows

These activities add life to the casino environment as you get to interact with many people off the playing decks. There are even ‘cruise ship casinos’ – giving you the double entertainment of a luxury cruise trip with a casino on board.

3.   Choice of games

Slot machines in a vegas casino via @unsplash

It is fair to say that offline and online casinos offer various gaming options. However, offline casinos offer a personal touch as you get to interact and play against real people.

For instance, a casino game like poker requires you to be present in the room with your opponents so that you can read their faces and make crucial decisions.

Online casinos have all games in one place and can be accessed with a click, whereas offline casinos require you to move from one table to the next when switching games. You may also find that all the tables are booked or miss opponents.

4.   Security and safety

Offline casinos carry a larger sense of security as online casinos have been prone to hacks and fraud in the past. However, licensed online casinos in the UK use 128-bit SSL encryption to secure data and transactions, which has enhanced security options.

Additionally, offline casinos are cheat-proof as all transactions are conducted in plain sight, and any form of cheating is highly punishable. However, smaller online casinos may be susceptible to cheating through hacks; this is not the case with established online casino brands.

5.   Payment options

Payment options are very different in online and offline casinos. Land-based casinos require you to deposit cash in exchange for gaming chips. However, you can easily exchange your chips for cash after the gaming sessions.

Making payments in online casinos requires a third party that facilitates the payment. In most cases, deposits are instant, but withdrawals take time as they have to be processed through several steps.

6.   Availability of casinos

Only a handful of land-based casinos have operation licenses in the UK gambling market, and are sparsely populated. This reduces accessibility to these sites as one has to travel to different cities where casinos are based.

On the hand, players playing casino games online have an easy access to multiple providers on different online platforms. You pick an ideal online casino that offers unique gambling experiences.

7.   Promotions and bonuses

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos are popular with promotions and bonus offers to their customers. For example, you may get bonuses for signing up or making your first deposit which is added to your total earnings. Offline casinos do not have bonus and promotion offers.

8.   Gameplay

Land-based casino environments have an aura not available to players playing casino games online. For instance, you can only experience the magical aspects of lighting, music, and a buzz of activities in offline casinos and a handful of virtual reality integrated online casinos.

9.   Responsible gaming

One challenge facing the online gambling industry is the influx of underage gambling and gambling addiction.

Unlike land-based casinos where you present a physical proof of identity and age, minors get a leeway in online casinos where they can pass as pseudos using their parent identification details.

As a result, leading online casinos are implementing robust identification systems to curb underage gambling in the UK.

Additionally, online casinos expose players to the risk of gambling addiction due to the ease of accessibility and online payment options.

Unlike land-based casinos, where you have to travel and be present physically, online casinos are a click away, and players tend to over engage in the activity risking addiction and loses in the process.

Parting shot

Online casinos or offline casinos? It sure is a tough call.

However, each casino type offers a unique gambling experience to players; hence, your choice largely relies on your budget, convenience, and location. If you want to try online casino games in the UK, sign up with a reputable online casino today!