The best games are the ones that get you lost in an alternative reality; let that alternate reality be a musical world or a modern post apocalyptic world full of zombies. The gaming experience is enhanced 10 times as normal with a VR headset. With PS VR 2 almost on its way to us, we have a list of the top 3 games to get yourself lost into Virtual Reality.

  1.  Superhot VR

For players who have already played superhot, actually know how awesome it can be playing Superhot VR. You’ll need the PS VR two move controllers to play the game. Superhot is more of a puzzle game than a frantic shooter; because the time moves as you move otherwise the time stops (almost). The Matrix-like game gives you the feels of Neo, the one. 

  1.  Resident Evil 7

As big as the name is, the Resident Evil series always delivers to the expectations. Resident Evil is one of the most reputed names in the gaming industry; with its previous launches being a superhit and one of the firsts to make VR mode a priority. When you play a game in VR mode, the protagonist is you, and not the main character. It gives you the feels of encountering these awful creatures and finishing them into grounds is worth the tradeoff.

  1.  Falcon Age

Falcon Age is that one game that you get to play with your humour and intelligence; against the intense oppression with the help of your tools and your little cute bird friend. The game also focuses on collecting hats and toys for your bird friend. The protagonist, i.e you, loves the pet with all his/her heart and want to see how the pet looks like as a cowboy. The best game out there for animal and bird lovers, you can try and change my mind.