If you’re a fan of heavy metal music and swear by the guitar work of Dave Mustaine, the founding member of Megadeth and the only member of the original group still in the band, there’s no way you can miss-out on the online slot game themed around them! So this winter you should travel to Africa and explore the safari with All Jackpots casino, and play Megadeth online slots on your phone as you watch all those wild animals making merry! Let’s delve a little deeper into this game.

It has been developed by Leander Games, a reputed name in the online gaming world, and has a heavy metal theme throughout, along with some cleverly-integrated bonus games. The entire feel is metallic; for instance, the reels of the slot game are held together by several chains and have a stage scaffolding as the backdrop. There are a total of 5 reels and 40 pay lines. The symbols have all very similar themes. While the lower value ones have the images of a guitar pick, a drum, three different guitars and a speaker, the symbols with higher values feature the images of the Megadeth band membersDavid Ellefson, Shaun Drover and Chris Broderick, as well as the logo of Megadeth. Dave Mustaine’s image is used on the wild symbol. The bonus symbol is made up of a stylised skull (that of Vic Rattlehead).

 Let’s learn more about the bonus features of the game:

Mega nudge feature

It’s a highly innovative online slot feature which can get switched on and off on its own. Although you must pay a little extra for it (40 times of the line bet), it allows you to put the slot game into the auto-nudge mode, up to three times on the reel numbers 4, 3 and 2. What it does is that it significantly increases the possibility of scoring a win. As per Leander Games, this feature reduces the house advantage from 5% to 3%.

Vic Rattlehead bonus

Anytime you get three bonus symbols on reel numbers 5, 3 and 1, the big bonus of the game comes into application. It leads you to a Mega Wheel which is then spun to reveal either of the following two games:

Head crusher – It’s a slightly disturbing game wherein you must pick from 16 prisoners having bags on top of their heads. The initial bet has a maximum multiplier and you’re expected to make your picks one at a time. The prize pot decreases gradually every time you pick a male prisoner. On the other hand, the game stops and you bag the leftover cash price as soon as you select a female prisoner.

Hangar 18 free spins – In this bonus game you get anywhere from 5 to 15 free spins depending on your score on the Mega Wheel spin. The wild symbol of Dave Mustaine stays fixed so any time it comes up it stays in place until the completion of the bonus game.

Final word

On the whole Megadeth online slot is a highly creative game that’s loved by even the people who’re not heavy metal fans. Although a metal fan may not want to opt for it, people who don’t listen to heavy metal music can put the sound on mute and still enjoy the game. The minimum and maximum bet amounts are £ 0.4 and £ 200 per spin respectively. Availing the auto-nudge feature can raise the maximum bet amount to £ 400.

Article Courtesy: Steve