The Sherp has drooled over the natural artistic value of Festival No. 6 for a while now, and its 2015 edition cemented its position as one of the most beautiful festivals in the world. 

Like every September, this month too saw one of the most exquisite boutique festivals to take place, Festival No. return to the pristine village of Portmeirion, Wales. Backed by scenic natural beauty, resplendent town architecture, a healthy number of art connoisseurs and fierce dedication to exhibiting the best kind of talent, has made Festival No. 6 one of the finest boutique music gatherings. The 2015 edition was obviously gifted with beauty, but if the kind of pictures are any proof, also with a great experience.

We have the pictorial lowdown of just how good it was! Prepare to eat your hearts.

1. Festival No. 6 takes place in the beautiful, natural landscape of Portmeirion, where it combines old world beauty with contemporary sophistication with ease!

2. As a festival, it ably brings together art, people and photographic scenery in a brilliant exhibit. 

3. There’s no surprise as to why so many people seek this festival out in Central Wales. It’s predominantly panoramic!

festival no 6 5(Credit: Festival Number 6 Facebook)

4. It promises intimacy unlike several large-scale festivals –


5. And one can walk away with the experience of candid, uninhibited social interaction –

6. The fact that the Portmeirion landscape experiences its best weather in September makes it that much more perfect!

@wakinggrey(Credit: @wakinggrey)

7. Festival No. 6 is all about having the most affectionately comfy experiences! Right from wellness exercises ..

festival no 6 3(Credit: Festival Number 6 Facebook)

8. To incredible face paint-art.. 

festival no 6 2
(Credit: Justine Trickett | Fanatic | Festival Number 6 Facebook)

9. From never-ending buffet spreads –

festival no 6 4
(Credit: Festival Number 6 Facebook)

10. To exorbitant displays of performance art –

festival no 6 6
(Credit: Samantha Milligan | Fanatic | Festival Number 6 Facebook)

11. From fashionable parades of one and all –

12. To fancy display of all things art –

(Credit: @leighchohan)

13. ..and of course, music, Festival No. 6 2015 had an abundant display of it all!

From Grace Jones

festival no 6 7

To Belle and Sebastian

festival no 6 8
(Credit: Festival Number 6 Facebook)

14. The number of experiences people walked away with were impressively majestic. People turned up in their fashionably best attires!

15. The art performances were creatively all encompassing, from rock to choir –

11953193_830036500427761_6648911620747554552_n(Credit: Festival Number 6 Facebook)

16. Some inspiring creative people were present, caught dishing out life lessons!

11953030_830455547052523_647018714830477310_n(Credit: Festival Number 6 Facebook )

17. And the music was it its very best show!

18. You could bet that everyone had the best time soaking it all in –

(Credit: @louises828)

19. From young to old, and everyone in tow!

20. Surely, Festival No. 6 was an incredibly special experience, and we cannot wait for what its 2016 edition has to offer us!

(All images from : Instagram and Festival Number 6 Facebook)