From its elaborate stages to its massive lineup and scenic location, Mysteryland USA had it all. Take a look at what went down last weekend at the giant festival.

1. The time of the day doesn’t really matter, as long as your stage game is on point!

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2. All kinds of fashion statements were made at Mysteryland 2016, and they co-existed in harmony.

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3. Here are some glimpses of the party-starters themselves, the performers!

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4. There was a dance-off section for people who wanted to let their feet do their thing.

13443037_786746241425614_3738940024100422618_o 13403844_786746284758943_8168655671219492733_o


5. There was a lot of yoga at Mysteryland…


6. … and for the lazier lot who wanted some peace, there was a large sign on the lawn.


7. Love was definitely in the air at Mysteryland.



8. When you need wings at a music festival…


9. It was all smiles in the camping grounds!

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(All above images courtesy aLIVE Coverage! / Facebook)

10. Instagram had some moments too.

We can’t wait for Mysteryland to come back to the USA! Onwards to the land of the Dutch!