CRSSD Festival takes the custody of electronic music from fanatically large festivals, and fuses it with the coolness it deserves! Its 2015 Fall edition was every bit, just that cool. 

Since the time electronic music began to be a hotbed for the most commercial names in the business along with garnering attendees in the very thousands, electronic fans have been in the search of a festival that guarantees qualitative musical selection, intimacy, while retaining the coolth that has generally come to be associated with electronic music festivals.  CRSSD achieves this and much more by not only bringing some of the most distinctive artists from the scene, but by being a ridiculously cool festival, at large.

The Sherp was at CRSSD this year and came back with some incredible memories! The pictures of its 2015 edition are testament to just how compelling it really was!

1. Held at the Waterfront Park in San Diego along the Southern California coastlines, the CRSSD Festival provides the perfect sun-downing backdrop to electronic music escapades. 

2. Who wouldn’t want to listen to an exceptional curation of electronic music along the sea and the accompanying horizon?

3. That’s right! Pretty much no one. 

4. Along with the beautiful tint of orange, CRSSD also makes for a relatively intimate group of electronic music fans, who come together in a bid to enjoy that exceptional lineup!

5. With the abundance of blue at Waterfront Park provided the fodder for sunny endeavours!

6. Why would anyone even leave the water, right?

7. It’s the constant, cooling distraction that’s hard to be pulled away from!

8. Making it the spot to find one and all the attendees at CRSSD!

9. Seriously, anyone!



10. Yep, no one!

11. Until the music came on of course, because if there is one thing that trumps everything at CRSSD, it is its music!



12. Music that comes to be because of the festival’s knack to pick one of the most original lineups of all music festivals!

13. With some of the most exceptional names in the lineup including The Flaming Lips, Bonobo, Nicolas Jaar and Todd Terje, music was CRSSD 2015’s highlight!

14. From artists that bounced across the spectrum that is electronic music – 

15. To sets that were not just authentic and original, but also varied!

16. CRSSD easily set the bar for electronic music performances for festivals everywhere!

17. And because the festival brings together an intimate gathering of electronic fans –

18. It makes for social bonding like no other!

19. The dominating emotion at CRSSD was extremely relaxed and chill!

CRSSD2015_1010_130137-5213_SAG (1)
20. Here’s to, arguably, the coolest electronic music festival around!


(All Images From : CRSSFEST.COM)