Attention all you seasoned beer-guzzlers! It’s time to prepare yourselves for the biggest and baddest beer festival this country will see!

From drinking all the beer you want to competing with your best friends in iconic beer games like Beer Pong and Flippy cup, Game Of Beers will be an all inclusive badass beer-binge you most certainly cannot miss.


1. Welcome to the Beer – Olympics.

Well, that is essentially what this one-day gaming festival is all about. If you’re someone who drinks beer like water and can play a mean game of beer pong, Game of Beers may just be the answer to all your ‘what-do-i-do-this-weekend’ woes.  The festival will host 120 teams in Mumbai and 80 teams in Delhi and Hyderabad, respectively.  The teams will take on each other in three major rounds to win the ultimate beer gaming battle. Round one will have participants compete in a classic game of Beer Pong. If you win you move to the next round, and if you don’t, don’t be disheartened – you will get a second chance to prove your worth in a secretive ‘redemption round’.

Beer Pong (1)

Come round two, Flippy Cup will be the game to conquer. Two teams of three members each  must face each other on the opposite sides of a table. Each team member will have a cup of beer when the game begins. The first person on each side must chug his or her beer, and then place the cup on the edge of the table and flick the cup so it flips upside down. The first team to reach the end of the line wins.

Round three will be the ultimate test of chugging – Beer Bong! When Beer bonging, one team member pours beer in the beer bong pipe while the other team member has to chug the beer from the other end while lying down on the ground. The fastest team to do chug their beer qualifies for the next round.

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(Image Courtesy : Mark Hoffman)

With only eight teams to compete, round four is not an ordinary beer game, titled sip and suck  where eight teams will have to complete a pitcher of beer, only through a straw then stack beer cans up to a five-level pyramid. The first team to do so will qualify for the semi-final round. The semi finals consist of The Great Beer Crawl which is basically a beer gaming relay.  One team member will have to chug a glass of beer while crawling,  during which the other team member helps the former member to complete the beer crawl.  The fastest two teams to complete the crawl qualify for the finals. For the finals, the last two teams have to compete against each other in the final round of 12 cup Beer Pong. The team with the maximum hits wins the Game of Beers Championship and some exciting prizes!



2. The smaaashing venue

The event will be taking place at three consecutive cities across India. Starting with Mumbai, then Delhi and lastly – Hyderabad and will be held at the SMAAASH venues, India’s premier urban sports & entertainment centre.


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3. So what does your all inclusive package entail?

Buying a ticket to the festival avails you six gaming rounds, seven glasses of beer, a goodie bag and five pre-loaded games worth 1000 bucks. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you will also get an additional 20 per cent off on food and beverages (including alcohol) and a 30 per cent bonus if you recharge your smaaash card. To promote a ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ safety policy, Smaaash has teamed up with Uber to provide free rides of INR 300 each from the venue to your destination.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think?

Table Pong (1)


4.  All the other fun stuff you can do!

When it comes to activities apart from the beer games, there will be a bunch to choose from. From Pepe Jeans Photobooths and Beer Pong tables to an array gaming options available at Smaaash, you are guaranteed a satisfying and entertaining evening.



5. The delicious grub.
Delectable fried finger-food and sweet treats will be readily available to complement all that beer. Feast yourselves on Sweetish House Mafia cookies and All thats Good chips and nachos. The Smaaash food stall will also be selling  some quick bites like fries, chicken popcorn and nuggets to take care of all your beer-munchies. Make sure you take advantage of the Oktoberfest offer at Smaash which upon your first order of beer you can order an additional one at INR 99.
6. The quirky beer merchandise on display!
Interested in acquiring a souvenir to remember your Game Of Beers experience? Stop by any of the merchandise stalls to pick up some quirky beer-related collectibles. For the Mumbai edition, Flintstop will be selling beer gaming products and quirky merchandise. Urban Bazaar will have some really cool party goodies to choose from and (like we mentioned earlier) Sweetish House Mafia will be serving up some delicious treats.
(Image Courtesy: Flintstop/Facebook)
 So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad here!

Event Details for all cities :

Venue – Smaaash Mumbai
Date : October 18, 2015

Venue – Smaaash Delhi
Date : October 25 , 2015

Venue – Smaaash Hyderabad
Date : November 1, 2015

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