This year, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival looked so good!

The annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California looked too good for words! Not only were the celebrities dressed to perfection, the performances were great and so were the festival-goers! Here is a summary of what Coachella 2017 witnessed in pictures. 

Warning: The pictures may give you severe FOMO.

1. Dressed To The Nines? Beat This Look!

Instagram @blancasusanne

2. The Flappers Were Flapping Oh-So-Fine!

Instagram @lydia_haug

3. The All- White Ensemble.

Instagram @sandro

4. Aren’t These Outfits Chella Cute?

Instagram @aleatherista

5. Coachella Was All Smiles, Certainly!

Instagram @sarahmegan14

6. Necessities: Watermelons And Strapless Tops!

Instagram @mixmatchmag

7. This Guy Knows What’s Up. Dragonflies!

Instagram @thestylishdutch

8. Damn! Just Add A Halo And You’re Sorted!

Instagram @michelleechat

9. Look At Them Braids, Yo!

Instagram @oktyabrinam

10. The Ultimate Coachella Fam!

Instagram @maejorteam

11. Things We Love: The Fashion And The Inflatables!

Instagram @kyleecampbell

12. Who Doesn’t Like Some Burgundy Love?

Instagram @ryfree23

13. The Girl Squad Of Our Dreams!

Instagram @rcromauli

14. AWWW! Such A Chella Couple.

Instagram @ippy143

15. How Well Can You Pull This Look Off?

Instagram @teriimelissa

16. Swooooooooooooooon

Instagram @stephy1785

17. Roses Are Red, This Is Our Flower Crown Queen!

Instagram @leiaernest

18. See Through For The Soul!

Katie Stratton via Getty Images

19. Rocking It From Top To Toe!

Instagram @kimyakiarash

20. Totes Coachella Vibes!

Katie Stratton via Getty Images