Snuggles. Cuddles. And more of both. It was a weekend to remember for everyone present.

The first Mumbai edition of Pet Fed 2017 was a sure-fire success. Held on the 16th and 17th of December at MMRDA Grounds, BKC, both pets and owners alike got to have a weekend out in an environment that was curated specially for them. Doggos and Kitties turned up in big numbers to revel in festivities as their hoomans had no option but to cater to their whims and fancies. Not like anybody was complaining really.

Well, we’re now going to let these photos do the talking. Presenting Pet Fed Mumbai 2017:

1. A family that colour co-ordinates together, wins together.

2. “Finally good to see a hooman around my size.”

3. Nice to meet ya, mate.

4. Ride the slide… like a boss.

5. Dino Morea is in the house!

6. And Pooja Chopra too. Quite the night for celebrity spotting.

7. The look of satisfaction after a tiring yet eventful day.

8. Picture perfect. Thanks to Comedy Central.

9. Can’t decide who has the bigger swag?

10. A born diva shows them how it’s done.

11. Now doesn’t that look like fun!

12. Even Mumbai’s bright sunlight could not slow this furry fellow down.

13. Everybody got along famously… well almost!

14. Style Quotient – 10/10

15. Style Quotient – 11/10

16. Happy faces everywhere.

17. “Mommy gives me wings to fly!”

18. The dawn of many new friendships.

19. Who says only dogs can have all the fun???

20. The first of many Pet Feds for this little one. And for everybody else too.

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(Image Courtesy – Pet Fed India)