With a lineup consisting of Dom Donnelly, Martin Roth and more, Anjunadeep Mumbai is the ideal plan for every party-monger!

With the New Year coming in we know you are frantic about how to celebrate, where to go, what to do and so many more thoughts! But we ask you to take it a step at a time, and make your plan for December 30th with Anjunadeep. Anjunadeep is one of the world’s hottest record labels and is all set to bring the party to Mumbai with an equally stellar lineup consisting of Dom Donnelly, Martin Roth, Praveen Achary, Theo Kottis, and Tontario.

The event comes right in the time of celebrations, hence we may celebrate our eternal love for electronic music and a good vibe with Anjunadeep, as they pull it off at the chillest place in town – “Razzberry Rhinoceros“!

Razzberry Rhinoceros has been an integral part of Mumbai’s culture for long, before and after it recently reopened in Juhu. The place has known some of the coolest parties, coolest vibes, world-class music that all just seam together into this timeless memory that every Mumbaikar shares. Resonating with similar concepts, Anjunadeep is renowned for their unparalleled ability to pull off some of the best shows. Be it the artists or the stages, Anjunadeep has always delivered and how!

The most notable factor about Anjunadeep’s setups and stages is the fact that the aim is for the audience to tap into what’s immediately around them, thereby elevating their senses to feel something that is larger than life. The stages are inspired by nature and feels for the venue that takes performances to a whole other level. With Submerge presenting the official Anjunadeep stage, in association with Smirnoff Experience, rest assured that you will have a time unlike any other at Razzberry Rhinoceros, where it all goes down!

So, muster your best spirits and join Anjunadeep as they bring out the best in the business to get you to dance the night away! The event goes on from 4pm-1:30am.

Tickets available for as low as INR 1100, buy here now!

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