The Road To Tomorrowland brought four of the biggest parties of the year.

If you couldn’t make it to Tomorrowland in Belgium this year, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because Budweiser ensured that Tomorrowland fans got a taste of its epicness with Road To Tomorrowland. Budweiser hosted some sick parties over the last month that were built around the Tomorrowland theme. With this, fans in India got the chance to experience this epic run-up to the festival’s grand finale live! Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai were the cities to be in and here is proof of it:

Bangalore Loft 38

1. Preparations done well.

2. You can see how long people have been waiting for this moment.

3. And then, they went live.

4. No lack of enthusiasm there.

Bangalore Glocal

1. Bangalore’s Glocal also turned into the freest place on earth.

2. Aerreo thrilled revellers with some welcoming change from the screen. 

3. Budweiser was the hero, undoubtedly.

4. With music like that, you really couldn’t help yourself.

Hyderabad Karma

1. Sartek brought the heat to Karma.

2. And Budweiser took care of the chills.

3. In high spirits, as they say.

4. People here. People there. All for the love of Tomorrowland.

Mumbai Glocal

1. Zephyrtone took over the reins in Mumbai at Glocal.

2. And the crowd was sold.

3. What’s music without an alcohol rush?

4. When the headliners got on screen, there were no distractions.

5. That’s the magic of Road To Tomorrowland

Images Courtesy – Road To Tomorrowland