With over 2000 pets & 20,000 humans, Delhi Pet Fed was a massive success. Are you ready to relive the adorable weekend in Mumbai this 16-17th December?!

Wrapping up a truly successful and much loved edition in Delhi, this past December 2-3, we’re gearing up for yet another pawfect weekend this coming 16-17th December in Mumbai, at the MMRDA Grounds. The pet centric weekend gathering had pet owners coming out in hordes to spend a day of fluffy amazement and play in the sun, and with Mumbai, Pet Fed aims to see the same. Be you a dog owner or a cat, or not a pet owner at all, Pet Fed is the place you need to go to get your dose of animal loving!


Here’s a look back at Pet Fed, Delhi:

1. Can’t Control The Excitement As The Gates Open

2. Spoilt For Choice With Countless Games & Activities!

3. Too Many Decisions, Too Little Time!

4. Let Me Catch A Breath..!

5. Even Cat Owners Joined The Party

6. We Wonder What Had Him Grumpy Though!

7. It Was The Day Of The Mighty Pet…Literally!

8. The Best Pets Came Out Shining!

9. A Pawfect Weekend Indeed!

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All image courtesy: facebook.com/petfedindia