The biggest party and festival hub in the world, Ibiza, might be facing problems due to over-use of the resources available.

Ibiza has been one of the biggest attractions over a large span of time, because of the nightlife and the party scene. And over the past few years owing to terror attacks over Turkey and Paris people have been flocking to the islands as its more of a safer destination. Government officials have said that if the steady rise of tourists keeps on increasing, the pressure on the islands natural resources will be too much.


The Department of Tourism head, Vincente Torres said “Nowadays we have nearly 100,000 legal touristic beds and  a registered population of 13,000 people. The island is just 572 sq. kms, we cannot support much more increase in tourism”. He also admitted to the fact that the town is running out of water and that they are working on campaigns which will advise tourists about how to conserve water in this time of crisis.

The government has taken some drastic steps like introducing a tourist tax. Although it’s a minimal amount, depending on the length of your stay the price may bump up. They hope they get support from governments to overcome the changes and to restore things back to normal.

Hopefully, Ibiza gets its old-school charm back soon!