Burner Map is brought to you by the good folks at Burning Man, to see where your friends have set up camp on the playa.

Burner Map has been around for a pretty long time (since 2011), and has seen a plethora of updates since its inception. Here’s a gist of what it does; once you login via Facebook (compulsory), you’ll be presented with an introductory form that looks like this:

It has everything that you’d want your other friends to know; a playa name, your camp name, time and place, some notes for your friends, and the time you’re on the playa.

The map is super elaborate too. There are two modes: My Friends, to see where all your friends are, and All Camps: where every camp is listed by name and place.

If you’re headed to Burning Man this year, it’ll be a wise decision to register here, so that you don’t get lost. What’s more; the website will remind you to print your map and carry it along.