#BookMyShoulder will be implemented in Bangalore’s upcoming “The Music Run”. 

There is a widespread difficulty short people face at music festivals – they just can’t see anything beyond the two bobbing 6 foot something giants in front of them! To tackle this very “short”-coming, Fastrack will implement a unique initiative at “The Music Run” – a 5k running and music festival. The initiative allows the attending five point someones, to book a lending shoulder to sit upon to get a better view of the festival.

Credits: facebook.com/fastrack

As the presenting sponsor of “The Music Run”, Fastrack brings this service that was first imagined in a sketch by Bengaluru-based comedy duo, JordIndian, on different types of festival goers. The idea then launched in motion when Naser, the other half of JordIndian, started a petition on Change.org involving the idea to tackle the issue faced by short people.

Conceptualized and crafted by Dentsu Webchutney for Fastrack, the brand then launched #BookMyShoulder through a film, and is planning to take the campaign forward through activations and much more in-store for The Music Run .

All those who’ve got a pass to attend the event can also sign up to book a shoulder or even to lend theirs to the shorter comrades, through Book My Shoulder, here. Fastrack aims to elevate the experience of the festival besides the marathon and the music festival by taking this unique service forward. It’s good news for the short people and also becomes an opportunity to make friends!

The event will take place on 19th August in Bangalore.

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