As if the drug scene in Goa wasn’t under enough scrutiny, another scandal has made it to the headlines.

There has been much talk about the nightlife and rave culture in the party capital of the country in the last couple of months; with things getting so bad that even the police have stepped in to take measures. Adding to the whole fiasco is yet another scandal hitting not just any place but a well-known restaurant in the heart of Goa- Anjuna Beach.

Credits: Curly Facebook

The owner of Curlies, a popular shack in Goa, has been arrested after the waiters were found with charas and ganjha in their pockets. In addition, three people from Bangalore were also arrested from the premises for the same reasons. This isn’t the first time that the well-known eatery has been in the news for drugs as there have been several cases of deaths by suspected drug overdose, over the past 10 years. Just 3 days ago, two youngsters lost their lives to suspected overdose at two separate rave parties on Anjuna beach in Goa.

There is a demand for bans on rave parties and other late-night events in the city. Here’ s hoping things get better and Goa is free from scandal for a change.