There are just about all kinds of people at a music festival – the know-it-alls who scoff at the fashion-mongers, the fashion-mongers who finally get to flaunt wreaths and crop tops, the ones tempted by the unlawful incentives (sic) and the ones who are there because they can afford to.

So, as a first timer, where do you stand?

It can be tricky going to your first music festival. There is too much happening, the grounds are too huge, the people scurry about everywhere, without any purpose, and they are either too friendly or outright dismissive. We know it can be pretty overwhelming, and we’ve all been there. So, at The Sherp, we decided to help you out and list the various ways you can fit into a music festival, just right!

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1. Pick the festival meant for you:

Everyone has a genre of music they love. While you may not have heard too much of it, a Festival is a great opportunity to discover new artists. And since festival tickets can be quite heavy on your wallet, choosing the right festival ensures money well spent. These days, festivals offer everything from indie, rock, and metal to electronic, so you will have quite the range.

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2. A ‘little’ research helps:

Once the line-up of a festival is announced, it will do you well to start discovering a few of them yourself. Especially the headlining acts. You might not only fall in love with them, and choose your favourite songs, but you can also decide if the festival is indeed, worth it. Plus, you will find yourself singing-along at the concert, a major factor to ‘fit in’.

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3. Dress-up, or Dress-down, don’t matter:

Festival garb is notoriously in! But that doesn’t mean you have to conform to it. Wear what you’re most comfortable in, as there is a lot of standing, dancing, head-banging and running around to do. So, comfortable shoes are a prerequisite. Of course, if you wish to dress up, some simple research will throw you just what the trends are. But there is nothing like someone confidently enjoying their music, irrespective. Take it from us.

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4. Plan it out, but dare to be impulsive:

What’s been getting festivals more buzz than a one-night concert is the promise of a getaway. Usually away from the city, the all-inclusive vibe is a welcome change. It’s great to plan out the trip, your stay, and your company in advance, in accordance with your budget. But go with the flow. Dare out with the after-fest shenanigans. They can be loads of fun too!

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5. Don’t be a passive participant:

Don’t let the festival throw you off momentum. Let it happen to you seamlessly. Prepare for that temporary outdoorsy schedule you will have to live with. The change in body clock and the need for additional fluids are all accompaniments. Don’t let that get to you. Revel in it. It won’t take long before you’re ushered into monotony, and you will miss that change.

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6. Awareness is the key: 

It’s like a chaotic village. You will constantly lose your friends, or find yourself stranded. Don’t panic. Always settle on a spot where you can meet your friends should you lose them. At the same time, you will find yourself constantly running into other people. You might drop drinks on other people, and they may ash their cigarettes on you. Remember, you are not being targeted. Keep your cool at all times. Also, be aware. Be sure of what ever it is you’re consuming, food, alcohol, or anything else.

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7. The music is most important:

You might be there for the wild culture and the free-flowing alcohol, but it is the music that you will carry with you once it’s over. Enjoy it. Catch as many acts as you can. It’s alright to miss a selfie to watch the guitarist rip some badass tunes on stage. The high from a good act parallels nothing. Trust us.

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