Nintendo Switch Direct 2022 started off with the Fire Emblem Warriors. It’s a game set in the Three Houses Universe and will be making its way to the Switch Direct on the 24th of June.

If you remember Wii sports, it’s finally coming back to Switch Direct 2022 and will be called as Nintendo Switch Sports. It will include multiple sports like tennis, bowling and also some newcomers like Chimbara, Football, volleyball and even Badminton. Nintendo Switch sports will be released on April 29, 2022. If you wish to beta test the game, you can do it from 18th to 20th of February.

Mario Strikers is also making a return and is arriving on the Switch in June this summer. The game was last seen on Wii Sports in 2007 and it’s great that we are seeing the comeback of one of the legendary Nintendo games.

Mario Kart 8 fans are in for a treat. Switch will be treating Mario Kart 8 fans with an exclusive pack, DLC, which will cover about 49 of classic tracks across several games from the series such as Wii Coconut mall, N64 Choco Mountain along with lots of remastered tracks this summer. It will be releasing on 18th of march and will also be available for the people with Nintendo Switch expansion pack.

To sum up in short, Nintendo Switch direct 2022, is definitely an epic turnaround in the Nintendo switch scene. Fans have been expecting highly and it’s safe to say that the expectations are met.