NLE Choppa has joined forces with his fellow Memphis rap titan Moneybagg Yo for their all-new single- “Too Hot” — which will also appear on Choppa’s upcoming Me vs. Me album.

During the Me vs. Me listening event on January 14, NLE Choppa said that he got the idea to reach out to Moneybagg Yo for a guest verse while recording his bars for the track at Grammy-nominated R&B singer Jeremih’s house in Los Angeles.

“Really what I did, I recorded a verse, shout out to Jeremih; I recorded this song, my verse at Jeremih’s house,” NLE Choppa said. “And after I got done listening to the song; I was like; ‘Bro, I should have put one more verse on it’. But then I was like, ‘No, I’m cool. I need to find somebody to get on it, man’. My friend, told me Moneybagg. So I was like, man, ‘You right’? Cause you know, we both from Memphis, we really ain’t got no real song together.”

“We really haven’t had our own; and I feel like we are the hottest two artists out of Memphis right now; and that’s going to go down in history; I had to send that his way; and he killed the verse and the rest is history,” he said.

NLE Choppa and Moneybagg Yo’s “Too Hot” track made their first-ever official collaboration from the duo; and released the music video made by Ben Mark.

Though the record will be live on Choppa’s Me vs. Me album, which will release on January 21; the 19-year-old revealed he had to do some polite bullying of Jeremih into allowing him to procure the song for his own use.

“I just came over there and they [Jeremih] was playing some beat,” he said. “And they just let me go in the studio. I recorded, it came out and I said, ‘I ain’t gonna lie, bro, I need this song’. And I took it with me.”