The legendary musician will launch a brand new project headlined by Beck, Duran Duran, Pharrell Williams and Keith Urban.  


New York has yet another fresh musical festival coming it’s way, and this one is being curated by one of the most popular names in music – Nile Rodgers. The mastermind behind the fabled band Chic has announced the launch of a festival called FreakOut! Lets Dance Festival (FOLD), scheduled to take place at Long Island this August, and the blockbuster names on its roster are off the hook.


Beck, Keith Urban, Pharrell Williams, Chuck D., Eric B., The Martinez Brothers, Paloma FaithThomas Gold and many others have been locked down to perform at the festival centered around rock, pop, funk, hip-hop and country music. The festival is also going to celebrate the launch of Chic’s first album in two decades, and Nile Rodgers will also be staging online recording sessions. Book your slots for the festival HERE.