Minecraft 1.19 is going to be one of the best updates we’ve seen in a while, it will be even better than the caves and cliffs update, thanks to the brand new boss! The warden is a boss-tier mob and it has been confirmed by the games devs, and we’ve also got some juicy new info regarding the warden. This information is from Twitter and not from Minecraft Live. They weren’t able to reveal everything at the event due to the limited amount of time.

Warden more stronger than the ender dragon!

Yes, the warden will be stronger than the ender dragon. The ender dragon has a max HP of 300, and the warden will be having 500+!

This is just insane, the player can never kill such a beast of a creature even with the best weapons. But the point of the warden isn’t to kill it, it is guarding something and you have to sneak around, that’s it.

The warden pops out of the ground!

Yes, the mob will come out of the ground from the skulls. nothing more is known about this mechanic, but it is safe to say that the warden can emerge from under skulk blocks!

The warden has a heart!

The mob has a loud heartbeat and one of the developers said it is of importance. The mob having a heart isn’t just design choice, there is the lore behind it. And as we already know the skulk grows when mobs are killed, maybe the mob is the embodiment of all the mobs you’ve killed!

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