Even after being launched recently in November, 2021, Netflix Games have come a long way. The platform has already released about 15 games and these games are available to every subscriber on the Netflix app. Netflix Games plan to move forward with three more games, one of which include their first ever FPS game; which will be available to both android and iOS users along with tablet support.

How to download the games on Netflix?

Users who want to delve into the new experience with Netflix games can either download the new games from within the Netflix app itself; or from Google Play Store or App store depending upon the user device. The two games ‘This is a true story’ and ‘Shattered Remastered’ have already been released; and available for fans to enjoy. Meanwhile Netflix games’ first ever FPS ‘Into The Dead 2: Unleased’ will be coming soon, the fans will need to hold their horses for the new gaming experience.

This Is A True Story

The game is based on a true story of a Sub-Saharan woman who struggled daily to fulfill the mere cause of providing water for her family.

Shattered Remastered

The game is based on retro action games which included the classic plot twists, epic boss battles and never aging action scenes. The game is an updated version of an old game launched in 2009 on Playstation 3.

Into The Dead 2: Unleashed

The title reminds us of a hit zombie action game. Into the dead 2: Unleashed is based on a never ending action with zombies in the FPS mode.

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