With the release of PS5, the gaming experience has been taken to the next level. While plenty of immersive, story-based games are easily available on the new PS5, sometimes you just want to unwind and relax. Here we are with our top 3 relaxing games for PS5.

1. Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour

You can’t really find a much chiller game than the train sim world 2. With all the gruesome action filled games out there, a game where all you need to do is drive trains and deliver passengers and cargo will be like a therapy to many gamers. Dovetail Games have featured famous rail routes from all over the world. The game is very relaxing given its gameplay loop and different stations to drive through. 

2. Spirit Of The North Enhanced

The game lets you take control of a living fox, you get to move through a number of beautiful environments and absorb all the beauty surrounding you as you move on. The puzzles need to be solved as you play and long-dead humans need help to lay to rest. Spirit of the north Enhanced is a slow-paced relaxing game that lets you enjoy the game and explore beautiful landscapes at your own pace without forcing you to rush into different things.

3. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder is that one rare family friendly open world RPG game which is relaxing as ever. The open world is simple and beautiful, even with it being an RPG game, it has no combat. The game focuses mainly on collecting materials and talking to different characters 

as the game asks you to complete tasks for them.

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