The first ‘Netflix and chill’ festival is happening soon and it’s not what you think.

‘Netflix and chill’ is a term that surfaced very recently, in the chaotic summer of 2015. The term is a teen/post-teen euphemism that refers to fooling around on the couch while streaming something on Netflix in the background. Now there’s a festival named after this phenomenon and people are all for it.

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The social app Knock Knock is hosting the first ever “Netflix and Chill Festival” at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The event is highly anticipated by many and expects a great turnout. In case your mind is drifting towards the gutter we’re here to help you backtrack. True to its title, the festival will very literally host a Netflix screening of the movie ‘Knocked Up‘ with free drinks and popcorn.


If you’re still not convinced that this is a great idea, the organizers have also invited Pope Francis, so if you’re one of the lucky attendees at the Netflix and Chill Festival, there’s a chance you might meet him. Stay tuned for more news.