When you were in high school, we are pretty sure every single one of us has jammed to Nelly’s tracks, at least once!

Nelly was a household name back in 2000’s with his infectious hits like “Hot in Here” and “Ride Wit Me”. Recent reports surfaced claiming that Nelly owes almost up to $2.4 million in tax money to the IRS! But given the large fan base that he has amassed over the years, fans have poured in from all over the world to stream his music and get him out of his debt! Now that is some fandom you would be proud of!


WOW! That is some love people have got for Nelly! So according to Spin, Spotify pays artists somewhere between $0.006 and $0.0084 per stream. So that means fans would have to stream his music about 402 million times to help him out if his royalties are on the low end of that spectrum. If he gets paid the maximum per stream, then fans only need to stream Nelly about 287 million times.

With the recent mission everyone is on, Twitter has been seeing hashtags like #HotinHere and #HotInHerreStreamingParty which have been trending for the past couple of days. Some people even started coming up with pro tips to save the time and embarrassment of listening to Nelly in 2016!

We know that’s a lot of plays, but anything can be achieved when the world comes together as one! #SaveNelly!