For those of you looking for a quick and exciting getaway this weekend, you cannot miss Alibaug’s first-ever music and arts one-day event quite aptly named – Nariyal Paani. Here are some reasons why.


1. It’s just a ferry ride away

Alibaug is just a 45 minute ferry away from Mumbai, making it a short yet scenic travel route. However there is the option of driving down or  avail the festival’s bus services, a journey of which will be considerably longer.


2. It’s the first music festival that will take place on the serene shores of Alibaug.

Yup, for the first time ever the coastal town will be host to a fun and engaging experience of a ‘music festival’

Festival Location - 2

3. First-hand experience of local culture and art in Alibaug

Local culture and food will be a focal point of Nariyal Paani. With activities like bangle making and some scrumptious Konkan cuisine by local restaurants, you will experience Alibaug as you should.


4. The exquisite line-up is  curated by Emmanuelle De Decker of Gatecrash.

The festival will feature – The Jass B’stards, Kefaya, Madfingers feat Rodney Branigan, The Vivienne Pocha Ensemble, Bombay Bassment & The Funk Fraternity, Kabir Café, Stella By Starlight, Dharavi Rocks, and ChandBibi And The Waste Candidates.

Bombay Bassment & The Funk Fraternity


Dharavi Rocks

5. The food and drink!

Here are the lip-smacking goodies that will be up for grabs –
Woodside Inn has partnered with Nariyal Paani to serve some selections off their menu. Secondly, open garden café Bohemyan Blue and Sanmaan Thali – a favourite with Alibag locals, will also be having their counters serving Alibaug specials. Bohemyan Blue especially will be serving their famous fish fry and chocolate mousse while Sanmaan Thali will be dishing out Konkan costal flavours. And that won’t be it – there will be many more local food stalls dishing out some tasty bites for everyone. And as though that isn’t all, Mumbai-based Gateway Breweries who supply Bonobo, blueFROG, and Three Wise Men among others will be serving their exquisite craft beer to gulp it all down.

fish fry


6. Art
Expect some awesome light installations and interactive activities at Nariyal Paani. Be it archery, boat painting or star gazing.There will also be attractive light installations by acclaimed visual artist Sachin S Pillai who has created videos for well-known indie artists such as Sandunes, Nicholson, and Monica Dogra.

star gazing


7. Décor

The décor of the festival will have that very beachy vibe to it. Expect to see the festival area decorated with coconut shells and bamboo, also contributing to the environmental aspect of this debut festival.

Festival Location - 1

8. The fun never stops

There will be specially curated jam session at the end of the festival, where all attendees will be expected to take part in!


9. An environmentally friendly festival

The good folk at Nariyal Paani have made making the festival a no plastic zone, their top priority. This will contribute to ensuring that it will be clutter free.


This debut festival, comes highly recommended by The Sherp. Just ditch all plans this weekend, and head down to the Alibaug for this delightful gathering! Buy your tickets quick, they’re running out!

When: February 21st, from noon to 10 pm

Where: Mora Pada, Rewas Road, 6km/20 min from Mandwa Jetty

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