The festival is back with twice the amount of fun this time!

With a ton of festivals being held before the end of the year, we’re sure you’re confused about which one you need to attend. But if you’re an absolute dance music junkie and need a fix before the start of the next year, we’ll tell you why A Day Of sLick 2X Goa is the one festival you need to be at on the 26th and 27th of December. After all, Mumbai-based agency ‘sLick’ have been known to represent some pretty kick-ass names in the techno/house genre.

1. It’s the festival’s debut in Goa!

This year will be a double dose of fun as the festival heads to India’s party capital – Goa for two effing days! That’s already an upgrade from the previous editions they have had in the country. Besides, do you really think you don’t want to be in Goa this time of the year?

2. The previous editions have been amazing AF. 

Earlier this year, Mumbai got a taste of sLick at Kitty Su, Cafe Zoe and Blue Frog in January as well as in March last year and it was off the hook! The artist line-up included well-known names like Ankytrixx, G.A.D, Jeremy Olander, Magdalena, Burudu, Bullzeye, Ankur Sood, Priyanjana and many more! sLick had also thrown open the party doors to Bengaluru and Pune in the past. Now, it’s time for Goa to feel the beat.

3 .The location is to die for *gasp*


Water’s Beach Lounge & Grill is going to be hosting the event in all its glory. With great interiors and the relaxed view of the beach waves crashing to the shore, it’s going to build the best vibe for all attendees. You can just step out for some fresh ocean air that you’re bound to crave after dancing the night away to some killer music.

4. They have Boris Brejcha as a headliner!


Fcking Serious Label have given us the ultimate Christmas present this year by bringing down the Techno DJ for the festival along with fellow label DJs Ann Clue and Deniz Bul. Brejcha was the mastermind behind some hit tracks like ‘Angel In The Sky’ and ‘White Snake’. The mask-wearing man will be making his way to Goa for an unforgettable set. Keep that pen ready to tick this off your bucket list.

5. So many debut performances.


This will be the first time that few international techno artists like Dustin Zahn, Patrice Bäumel, Seven Doors and Tijana T will be performing in the country. But if you follow their work, you know they are quite the biggies in the dance music industry. Consider it our good luck that we finally get to witness their skills live.

6. The Indian acts are the bomb dot com.


They event will have well-known dance music acts we all love including Priyanjana, Maulik, Sequ3l, Diatonik, Kohra, Zeeqar and huge powerhouse DJs like Blurry Slur, Bombay Karma, Akshit Shetty and Priya who will rip out tunes that will make your feet feel so sore after dancing and jumping track after track.

7. People have always loved it.

(Credits: adayofslick)

The reason why the edition is being held over two days is because people seriously love it. Who in their right mind will say other wise? (Besides old ladies who remind you to cross your legs every two minutes.) With such a great venue, great music and food and drinks that will keep you coming back for more, what else would you want? This is the best package we have seen in a while.

8. It’s the best way to celebrate the end of the year

(Credits: adayofslick)

You can easily get a small or large group along for this mini festival and stay back for a few more days to bring in 2017 in Goa, which is sure to have some incredible parties (maybe even get lucky enough to be invited to an after-party). If not a party, you can just hop on to the beach and spend the evening there with a drink in hand and friends by your side. Quite a good deal, if you ask me.

9.The tickets are cheaper this time.

(Credits: blogspot/melissaskitties)

Yup, you read that right! The pre-sale tickets are being sold right now and are super cheap at just Rs. 2,000 for two days! Two days for 2,000 is a fricking steal for all that is being offered by the festival organisers and a great way to make use of the new Rs, 2,000 notes. So go spend them right now.

10. It’s all about the fun!

(Credits: adayofslick)

The festival is all about relaxing and having a good time and that’s what everyone needs after some interesting events that have occurred this year. So head on over for a few days of hardcore party scenes before getting back to the grind.