Native American headdresses, fabrics, and styles are a pretty common style statement at festivals now. But how do actual Native Americans feel when they see their culture being appropriated by festival attendees? Watch the video to find out.

Festival fashion in recent years has been taken over by symbols and motifs from a lot of cultures, especially ones that are “exotic”. From bindis, to fabrics and prints, clothing styles and now even headdresses, festivals are flooded with people wearing these as wacky outfits and costumes. They are usually worn without authenticity, and without knowledge of what is being represented.

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For people who have authentically grown up within these cultures, a bindi, headdress or piece of clothing might represent something that is cultural or spiritual. The person wearing them at a festival might not know anything about this significance, or maybe not even really care. Festivals like Glastonbury have even banned the sale of some of these items, knowing that it hurts sentiments.

Celebrities and fans alike don these at festivals, and this video by BuzzFeed is a good example of the reaction of people who actually belong to a culture, to this phenomenon. In the video, Native Americans look at pictures of people donning headdresses, and explain how they feel about it, and why people should educate themselves before doing so.