Since when do cultural festivals need dress codes?


In what seems like an odd request for attendees and participants of Nagaland’s flagship cultural exchange, the Government of Nagaland has issued a statement of a specified dress code.

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The festival that starts from December 1 will require its attendees to add a tradionally Naga item to the outfit they plan to wear, be it a headress or actually clothing. The Secretary of Tourism, while address the committee in a meeting, has asked for this code to be implemented strictly.

While this request may see a bit juvenile, for which we do not have a concrete reason, making people wear traditional Naga items can only boost sales for cottage industries dealing with arts and textiles, which is a great thing. This code can also promote the indigenious culture at a more grassroots level, and help keep that Naga pride alive.

The festival has also strict policies regarding the use of plastic, to which time and again has been upheld.