There’s more to the massive festival than music.

A great music festival is vastly incomplete without great food. Everyone knows that there is nothing worse than hot and hungry festival attendees – just ask Woodstock ’99. The Indian weather will improve as winter progresses, but for all potentially hungry festival-goers, the Sherp brings a cohesive guide to all the great foods you can dig into at the Bacardi NH7 Weekenders.

With the festival’s Delhi, Pune and Bangalore editions up and coming, take a peek into the delicious festival food the organizers have in store for you.


1. Ploof Deli

Straight from the little woodsy restaurant tucked away in the corner of Lodhi colony market in Delhi comes the food from Ploof Deli, with all it’s authenticity and European extravagance. If you’re looking for something savoury and delicious to fill you up, this is your go-to stall. The seafood dishes here are highly recommended!



2. Captain Grub

Known for their delectable and juicy burgers, Captain Grub is bringing ideal festival binge food to Weekender’s Delhi edition. Indulge in crispy fried foods, salads and sandwiches of every kind. Starving festival goers and food enthusiasts alike, can make their way to Captain Grub’s food stall this weekend.


3. Hangover Fries

If you’re looking for french fries with a homemade touch and toppings of every kind, then this is the right place for you. With great portions and greater flavours, Hangover Fries is true to its name. There’s no scarcity of delicious savoury food in Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Delhi this weekend.


4. Speedy Chow

If you’re kryptonite is Chinese food cooked in authentic spices then you must look out for Speedy Chow. With a variety of dishes, especially in noodles, this place is usually famous for home deliveries in Delhi. To quench your craving for Asian food in the midst of a music festival, NH7 brings along Speedy Chow. Keep your eyes out for this stall at the venue.


5. Cherry Comet

Prepare to feel like a kid in a candy store as you watch clouds of nitrogen gas emerging from ice cream blenders and see ice cream being prepared in front of you instantly. The good folks of Cherry Comet offer “instant ice cream” as they make it on the spot. There;s a huge variety of flavours and toppings to pick from. While the winter nights in Delhi are cool, an instantly made ice cream would be welcome during mid-day.

cherry comet



1. Jeeva

A gluten-free dessert stall, Jeeva brings delectable delicacies that promise good health. If you’re in for a gluten free weekend then they’ve got you covered. The eclecticism in Bacardi NH7 Weekender’s food palette is commendable.


2. Raw Presssery

Raw Presssery, as the name suggests, presents juices to you in the most natural way possible. Unlike household juicers or blenders, their cold-press technology generates no heat so original nutrients are preserved in the juices. The juices contain no preservatives, no chemicals and no added sugar. Not even water. These raw juices are both healthy and delicious, perfect for rejuvenating your energy at the festival. 


3. Waffle Walle

For those with a sweet tooth and a soft spot for breakfast desserts, Waffle Walle’s got you covered. Tuck in for freshly prepared waffles with a wide range of toppings – from ice cream, maple syrup, melted chocolate, whipped cream, and more. One of Bangalore’s most famous waffle houses, Waffle Walle will have its own stall at Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Bangalore.

waffle walle


4. Killer Samosas

Who knew that there could be so many kinds of samosas? If you’re bored of that one kind of samosa prepared with the same old potato stuffing and served with the monotonous green chutney, then you’re in luck. Never has a food joint been truer to its name. Killer Samosas brings numerous types of delicious samosas – from cheese and jalapeño samosas to achaar paneer samosas.



1. Pack-a-Pav

One of the most famous local food stalls, Pack-a-Pav has earned its fame for good reason. These little pavs are filled with a punch of flavour and ingredients. Not the first time to be featured at the festival, Pack-a-Pav is sure to make a spectacular comeback. If you’re a meat lover, they have the most mouth-watering pavs packed with grilled meat, fried onions and a Greek Yogurt dip. For vegetarians, they have delicious cottage cheese pavs with melted cheese and a bunch of sauces. Make sure you try this in Pune this December!

pack a pav


2. Hakuna Batata

Contrary to the title, this brand has much to offer apart from potatoes – they do have plenty of those as well. Another famous food stall, Hakuna Batata has a wide range of burgers and other fast food items. It’s definitely worth a try.


3. Yum Crumb

Yum Crumb offers gourmet cupcakes that are made fresh daily. Famous for their homemade essence and hand delivered service, Yum Crumb desserts are one of Pune’s most famous dessert places. Get your fix of sweet here at Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune this December.


4. Jam Jar Diner

Anyone’s who’s eaten out in the Bombay Suburbs will be familiar with Jam Jar Diner. They have a vast range of food, but their burgers and pastas can kick some major ass. If you’re looking for cheese laden goodness with tons of flavour, you’ve come to the right place. Jam Jar Diner gives you a taste of great food with made with rich flavours.



5. Picantos

Picantos is a Mexican grill that’s famous for its raunchy tacos and rolls. If you have a penchant for spices, then this is your stall. With an eclectic menu and authentic flavours, Picantos is Pune’s go-to Mexican eatery. They specialize in Mexican delicacies, and we highly recommend their burritos and rice bowls.



Who knew a music festival can be a gastronomical experience as well? Book your tickets to Weekender here!