After almost waiting for a month, Nucleya and Tanmay Bhat finally reveal what they’ve been working on, and it’s a lifetime opportunity for all musicians!

Earlier this month, we’d announced that Nucleya and Tanmay Bhat were working on a project that up until now, we had no idea what it was. Well, after a long angsty wait, they duo have finally revealed their masterpiece, and it is every bit funny and classy as we’d expected it to be, with a pinch of mind-boggling unexpectedness towards the end!

The video features Nucleya and Tanmay Bhat conducting auditions for musicians to feature at the upcoming Bacardi House Party Sessions. The promo itself is a contest call to all musicians who want to create a soundtrack that will rock the Bacardi House Party Sessions around the country.

If you’re a musician, here’s your chance to become the next big musical sensation in India! What you get out of it?- a music video, a chance to perform at Bacardi NH7 Weekender, and your track dominating all the parties around! All you need to do is get your band or your gear together and start creating that golden track that may be your ticket to fame! Click here for more details and to register.

The deadline for entries is 10th October, so hurry up and get to work!