If you an aspiring musician who is looking forward to making a career in music production, then the very first thing you need to have is innovativeness. There are so many music producers in our industry, if you want to leave your impression and make your mark, be creative and unique with your compositions.

Here are a few tips that might help you in your music production

Begin with a Concrete Vision

When you plan to work on any music piece having a clear vision about the end result is very important. Music production is an art. It is based on innovativeness and creativity. As we all know, there is no end to creativity. You might have thought about various ideas that you want to apply while creating, recording, and editing your music. Having too many ideas may confuse, and you might end up feeling lost. However, this won’t happen when you have a clear mind, and you are certain about how you want your end result to be.

A concrete vision of your music would act as a road map by following which you may reach your final destination without getting lost.

The Producer, Not the Gear, Makes the Music

An important thing to remember is that it’s the heart and mind of the producer that creates those beautiful nodes and not the gear or instrument. A good producer holds the capability to create melodious songs with basic gear. On the other side, if the producer has no idea about his work, then no matter how advanced the gear be, he won’t be able to produce good quality music.

To become a good music producer, start with taking any instrument lessons piano lessons. This will give you a better understanding of the music and would also enhance your creativity. If you know how to play an instrument, you would be in a better position to create new and melodious sounds.  Also, learn about the basic aspects of the production like acoustics, the role of different mics, how to operate gear, recording, basics of computer mixing, etc. As a producer, you should continue improving your existing skills and learning new skills.

Broaden Your Musical Mindset

To become a successful music producer, you have to be innovative with your mixing and recording techniques. Don’t restrict yourself to the old and existing sounds. Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean you cannot try something. Open your mind, take inspiration from wherever you can. Be creative and keep experimenting. Always remember, the most popular sounds of the year are unique and feel fresh to the audience ears.

Using Virtual Instruments

Besides recorded instruments, try to incorporate virtual instruments in your music. Using virtual instruments provides you an additional benefit of adding new sounds to your music, which others won’t be possible. These sounds vary from simple beeps and blips to the beautiful and magnificent orchestra.

Find a Mentor

If you are new to the field of music production, then having a mentor would be very beneficial. Find a mentor who has a good knowledge of the music and the gear system. Your mentor would act like a teacher as well as a guide who would teach you the basics of music production. Your mentor would keep you on the right path by giving you the right feedback about your creation.

Record Dry, Add Effects Later

Another tip which might help you in your music production is to keep your recording clean Let your recording be dry and simple. Add all the effects in the post-production stage. Adding effects is much easier as compared to removing them. You can add as many effects as you want during the mixing stage.

Establishing a career in the creative field is never too easy. An artist has to pass many hurdles before becoming successful. It might take some time to become a perfectionist. Give yourself that time. Never compromise with your creativity. Another essential tip that would help you reach your audience is to understand their likes and dislikes. If your focus is a specific genre, then create something keeping their preferences in mind. 

Author Bio:

Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.