And it’s called LVL XIII. That’s Level Thirteen for you.

ICYMI, Jason Derulo has a totally fashionable apparel brand to his name. Titled LVL XIII, the ‘Talk Dirty’ singer has partnered with Antonio Brown’s streetwear-meets-luxury sneaker brand as a co-designer. They have also managed to get an exclusive retail partnership with Bloomingdale’s; the idea behind it all being to give a unique spin to men’s fashion. 

Jason has channelized his personal style to create a streetwear range that includes color-blocked jogger pants, a chevron baseball jacket, and an eye-catching ombré raincoat (the one he wore in his ‘Swalla’ video) and more. But the one piece that is a complete masterpiece is the Convertible Backpack Jacket. Derulo says, “If you’re in a room and you’re feeling warm but it’s cold outside, turn that jacket into a book bag but then it’s a fly-ass book bag.” The backpack that can be taken off, unzipped, turned inside out, and worn as a stylish jacket! And, if it’s too hot, you can turn it into a vest by zipping off the sleeves. Talk about innovation!

Brown admitted that Derulo test drives all the pieces. “He is the product of the shoes he’s wearing here. We had an original model that had a white stripe going down the side, and Jason’s like, ‘I don’t like that. I want to see an all-black version.'”


The inspiration behind his line, according to Jason, is to help his fans get his look. He believes that ‘people are going to want to look like what I look like’. That’s a good enough reason, right. And we do think he’s done a great job at it too. Check out some of the pieces from the clothing line:


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