Festival season is nearly upon us. It’s the time for letting go, rolling around in mud, and dancing until the sunrise signals bedtime. Grab your friends and make the journey into the underground because it’s going to be a mad one!

To make the most of your festival experiences, a little preparation goes a long way. Sure, you could show up with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a plastic bottle for your beverage of choice, and people do, but if you really want to enjoy yourself, take a little advice from the old-timers and prepare your whole self for the experience.

First up, choose your rave carefully. Do you prefer the exclusivity of a $500 event like Ultra Festival, or the smaller and cheaper local festival offerings that can go for around $50? I am a fan of the latter.

It’s not so easy to jump fences anymore, so for the bigger festivals why not look to volunteer? Stewarding can be an interesting way to experience a festival and usually entitles you to a free ticket.

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Once you have your ticket secured, it’s time to relax. I know you are excited, but in the time leading up to it, you can try indulging in some self-therapy. There is no need to splash out on crystal chakra bed treatments, simply eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest. The plan is to feel at your best in the run up to the rave.

Music festivals are pretty extreme on the body. Get some much-needed sleep in the form of several early night’s rests beforehand and you will have more chance of standing tall, or at least upright, for the full weekend.

Remember that there probably won’t be much luxury at the music festival, unless you plan on “glamping,” so it is better to fulfill these urges before you arrive. Dine at your favorite ethical restaurant, take an extra class or two of your current hobby, or head down to a spa for a lavish treatment.

If jumping around barefooted in muddy fields is not usually your thing, and loved ones might be doubting your ability to “hack it,” with the proper preparation you can show them that you jolly well can! You can get them to put their money where their mouth is.

You should also take care of as many of your duties and responsibilities as possible before party time. Duty and festival comedowns don’t mix. Book an extra couple of days off for after the event if you can. You won’t regret it! If you have term papers to do, get everything taken care of before you take to the fields. This will make it easier to reintegrate back into normal life afterward.

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With your body, mind, and soul well prepared, all that is left now is for you to pack your bag. Make sure you take plenty of clothes to keep you warm at night, sleeping bags, and camping gear, and a few optional extras to keep you happy and comfy. Other than that, pack light and think like a minimalist to reduce the stress of getting in the gates. All the food and entertainment you need are ready and waiting once you get inside. A jaunt to a festival can be good for the soul, and with the advice found above you can cleanse and prepare yourself long before the festival begins, leaving you with nothing to do but to melt into the beats!