MrBeast visited India for the first time 2 days ago. It is reported that he has left India now and is currently in the Maldives. This means that he is officially out of India now. His Instagram stories show updates of him visiting the Maldives with his team. This is MrBeast’s first visit to India ever.

Reportedly, MrBeast visited India regarding a possible collaboration with the Indian gaming community. However, there has been no official reason for MrBeast’s team on why they visited India.
Fans all over India were very excited to hear the news about MrBeast’s arrival in India. He got the ‘firangi’ treatment from fellow Indians, leaving the American Youtuber very confused.


He was seen taking selfies with fans. This is very common, however, he was very surprised to see the fans’ reactions. MrBeast is also making an animated movie. A possible reason for him to visit India could also be for the shoot of his animated movie.

People are still making other assumptions as to MrBeast’s arrival in India. Some say he is trying to bring his brands to India too. MrBeast runs many brands including his burger brand ‘MrBeast Burger‘ and chocolate brand ‘Feastales‘. Some also believe that he is trying to run charity funds for Indians. For now, we can just wait until any official news breaks from MrBeast.

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