Reportedly, a new game mode named ‘HURM’ will be coming to Valorant very soon. According to the new tweet on Valorant leaks Twitter account, this game mode will be a team deathmatch-based mode where players will be able to use their character abilities. The first one to get 100 kills will win. HURM is unlike the original deathmatch mode, where a single player would get 40 kills to win. It is expected that this game mode will be very different, as players will be able to use character abilities.

However, there has been no official announcement of a new game mode HURM from Riot Games. Players are still expecting an official announcement from the developers.

How will the new game mode ‘HURM’ be?

The original deathmatch mode in the game has been the main place for players to practice their skills. However, since it’s a solo game mode, players weren’t able to practice their skills while working with a team.

HURM will be a team deathmatch and ability-enabled game mode, this means that players will be able to use all the abilities of their characters. Therefore, it can be a very good mode for players to warm up before a competitive match in Plant/Defuse game mode.

Valorant’s competitors like CS:Go have a variety of game modes for players to have fun and also practice their skills in modes like team deathmatch. This new game mode ‘HURM’ can allow players to practice more freely and play calmly without stress during real 5v5 games.

Valorant has only offered two game modes before – Plant/Defuse and Deathmatch. This never gave the players a chance to practice their skills properly. With the addition of ‘HURM’, maybe it’ll be a good game mode where players can practice their skills.

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