Beards maketh the man and with great beards, come great responsibility!

This November (and festival season), why not dress-to-impress that gnarly beard you’ve been nurturing? Need some ideas? The Sherp shows you the light. Also check:

1. The ombre beard.

If you’re all about following the newest (and strangest) trends, here’s one that will colour your fancy, quite literally. Borrow some of your girlfriend’s dip-dye hair colour to paint your already bad-ass beard.


2. The animal beard.

Here are some animal beards for you beard-trimming virtuoso, eager to scare the shit out of everyone around.

3.  The half-beard

Unsurprisingly, half-beards are the newest ‘trim’ trend taking over enthusiasts from all over the world, and of course Pinterest.


4. The deck-the-beard

A beard that can guarantee you some holiday action, thus helping you embrace that *true* Christmas spirit!

sarah winward flower beard-photo by andrew gallo

5. The utility beard.

Carrying food at festivals has never been this easy.

6. The flower beard

Radiant beards for the most radiant of men. Move over girls in flower crowns, you’ve got competition.

flower beards3

flower beards


7.  The craft beard.

A craft beard to accompany an ice-cold mug of craft beer.

8. The Jesus beard.

Letting your beard and hair grow into each other, is the holiest of practices.


9. The glitter beard

Nothing can you make you look this manly. Nope.


10. The IDGAF beard

This doesn’t need any explaining. Just don’t shave.