Here are some ideas people have about dance music that make the genuine fans cringe more than anything!

As long-standing fans of electronic music, there are some things going on in the genre that tend to frustrate you. Here are five delusions people have about the EDM scene:


1. Celebrities Thinking They Can DJ

As if there aren’t enough DJs flooding the dance music scene, the last thing we need is a bunch of celebrities struggling to mix two tracks and failing miserably. If only these imbeciles knew that DJing is not only about showing up, drinking for free, having lights flash on you and playing whatever you wish. The sad truth is they’re only in it to make a quick buck off of their name as opposed to their talent.

2. Drugs Are Destroying The Genre

This needs to be said outright: EDM does NOT promote taking drugs. After the two tragic deaths at Electric Zoo, NYC, downright ridiculous petitions like this and this have coughed up. A Christian group called ‘Mothers Against Molly’ want to ban EDM. How exactly do you ban an entire genre of music? It’s not the music or the people who play the music, it’s the people who do drugs irresponsibly who are to blame. There are several fans of the genre out there who realize that the high-energy music is enough to boost your serotonin levels and attend concerts in a stable state of mind! What a bunch of intolerable bigots!


3. EDM Is For The Dim-Witted

Even though it has a fittingly dumb name – EDM – which makes the fans cringe each time they see it, the genre is nowhere close to ‘dumb’. It’s about time people realized that a lot goes into making dance music. There are heaps of DJs out there that are upholding the genre and will continue to do so.


4. Electronic Dance Music? Oh, you mean Techno?

Many uninformed and ignorant people out there still mistake dance music for ‘techno’. For the last time, they are NOT the same! Techno is just one genre of EDM characterized by a more minimalistic and repetitive production style. So get your facts right before you blurt out your half-baked knowledge.


5. EDM Is A New Thing

If you thought EDM was a new fad, well… you’re a nincompoop. This may be the first time dance music is being taken seriously, but the genres that make up ‘EDM’ aren’t new at all. Most of them have been around since decades. The term “electronic dance music” was first coined in the mid-1980s!