The last mob for the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021 was just recently revealed, and we might have a winner. The Copper Golem is a brand new mob that randomly presses copper buttons. It actually is more like a pet that will press copper buttons. The mob has a lot of possibilities and is way better than the other two.

The Copper Golem is an interesting mob, to say the least. It can be crafted by the player and it will turn into a statue once the copper oxidizes. Yes, the copper golem will become a statue once it oxidizes, the statue can be used for a lot of decoration in your base.

The copper golem can also be used as a Redstone randomizer, as it randomly presses copper buttons. Speaking of copper buttons, they will also be added to the game if the copper golem wins!

The copper golem is also the safest choice, as we don’t really know what the Allay and the glare actually do. The description given by the devs is pretty unclear.

The allay can’t go through the chest, so what is the point of it collecting and bringing us items. The glare will only get grumpy when the light level is zero, but as we know in 1.18 the caves will have light sources in them like the glow berries the lichen. Simply put, the golem is the safest bet!


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