Another mob was revealed recently for the mob vote 2021, and it is called the ALLAY! The mob looked very much like the vex which is a hostile mob seen during raids mostly. But unlike the vex, the Allay will be your ally rather than being an adversary. It will be almost like a pet, just like the glare it floats as well. So maybe it is a theme this year to add mobs that provide the player utility.

The Allay is an interesting mob, its core mechanic is to collect items. Yes, it collects items on your behalf and leaves them near a note block. Basically, you give it an item and it hunts for similar items on the ground and brings them to the jukebox or note block.

Now, this feature would’ve been extremely useful if the Allay was able to hunt items in chests. Just think about it, you’re building, and you run out of some birch wood, rather than you going back to the base. Your Allay will bring the supplies to you, without you having to move!

But for some reason the Allay won’t be able to collect items from chests, only items scattered on the floor can be picked up. But that still is one great feature, so what do you think, will you vote for the Alay or the Glare is more fitting?

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